Year 10 Subject Selection

The Year 10 Subject Selection Evening is being held on Monday 24 July in IPAC with a presentation from Richard Cornish (Dean of Learning and Teaching) and displays by the College faculties, some universities and TAFE.

In Week 3 of Term 3, students and their parents/guardian will meet with a member of the College staff to finalise their subject selection for Year 11 2018.

The following 2017 documents are to be used as a GUIDE to provide information to help with preliminary decision-making.

2017 - 2018 Senior Studies Guide

2017 - 2018 Prerequisites for Year 11.  Students must have achieved these results on their Year 10 Semester 1 report card to be able to choose them at subject selection.  If they achieve these results by Semester 2, they may be moved into their preferred subject, depending on availability.


The following resources provide information about the Senior phase of learning:

Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE)

Planning QCE Pathways

OP Fast Facts:  Your questions answered

OP Myths

Field Positions

Field positions - subject weights 2019

Vocational Education and Training

Brisbane TAFE VET in Schools - Semester 1 2018



Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Choosing subjects for years 11 and 12


Pathways to medicine

The 'How to' of time management

Studying Uni courses in Year 11 and 12